Own a rifle? Here’s what else you’d need!

Guns are machines. That fact tends to get overshadowed by its status as a weapon. And like any machine, guns have the additional gear to help it function. A rifle can have other accessories such as the red dot scope, bipod, and extra magazines.

Here in this article, we’ll list some of the most essential parts & accessories for using & taking care of your rifle. Bear in mind, this list is not by any means exhaustive. The goal here is to show the most basic add-ons and equipment for better shooting & maintenance.

red dot scope

Basic rifle accessories

First, we go to enhancements. These are the optional parts that can help you hit your marks easier & faster.

Scopes & Laser mounts

Aiming a rifle by the iron sights is a basic skill. Not exactly ideal, however, especially in high-speed situations. Adding a red dot scope can help aim faster, and a vortex scope would be best for long-range shooting.


All rifles come with their standard magazines. Can get troublesome when you use them all up. Having extras would spare you time in the shooting range. Manually feeding in the bullets to your empty magazines can eat up your time and best done off the field.


A red dot scope can help you aim, but how can you keep your rifle steady enough to take a good shot? Bipods allow you to rest the rifle on a relatively elevated surface and keep the firearm steady.

Rifle Cleaning and maintenance

After the hunt in the field or the practice shooting in the firing range, rifles should be cleaned to keep them working the way they should be. Well maintained rifles last for generations and the proper products should always be within your reach.

Gun oil, lubricants & grease

Guns have a few moving parts. Too much friction and the gun can become inaccurate or even stop functioning. Fuchs greases & other forms of lubricants help prevent this problem. Gun oils can also help, with the added benefit of preventing rust formation in the small parts. Not every oil is advisable for all guns, though. Check which lubricant is best suited for your rifle.

Bore brush and chamber cleaning sets

Another area to keep clean is the bore or the long barrel from which the bullet goes through when fired. This part can be hard to clean without proper brushes that can go in and remove any gunpowder residue.

Cleaning solvents & compounds

You can’t use soap and water to remove dirt from a firearm. Rifles may be water-resistant when in use but that doesn’t make water an ideal cleaning solution. Some various solvents & liquids are best suited for gun cleaning. They rinse off dirt and other residues without risking the rifle’s parts to rust.

There are other gadgets, chemicals & other accessories out there that can enhance your weapon. But from our knowledge, this list is a good starting point. Always refer to the manuals though to ensure safety and best results.

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