Overheating Problems in Copiers and the Need for Repairs

Photocopier machines are essential equipment in nearly all business environments. Some of the most significant business operations cannot proceed without the use of a photocopy machine. It is why a company must ensure that photocopiers are working optimally at all times. Canon photocopiers are some of the most utilised in offices across various industries. They are robust machines but as with any other equipment, there are certain sensitivities. Canon copier repairs services will be necessary when dealing with any difficult issues. A canon photocopier can fall victim to a host of mechanical and performance problems such as overheating.

Overheating Consequences

The place where a photocopier machine operates has to be air conditioned. Proper ventilation is a high recommendation when using a photocopier. Even with the best ventilation and air conditioning, a machine can still overheat. The problem with an overheating photocopier is that it can cause the degeneration of selenium. This compound coats the photocopying drum and is photoconductive. Exposure to the compound can result in insomnia, poor concentration and respiratory problems. It is why experts for Canon copier repairs should be hired as soon as such a problem arises.

Besides the health risks, an overheated photocopier is unusable, meaning some office operations suffer. When one or two machines go down, workers are forced to wait until repairs are done or have to share remaining machines, if there are any. Usually, a machine will give warning signals when the heat buildup gets too high. Overheating copiers are also prevalent causes of fire accidents in offices. An overheated photocopier also produces poor quality copies. Hiring professional services such as Canon photocopier repairs in Sydney by Printer Repair Centre will contain such challenges. So, what causes overheating in photocopy machines? Learning about these can help users watch out for the problem before it worsens.

Maintenance Neglect

Lack of appropriate maintenance is one aspect that may cause your Canon photocopier to overheat. Dust and debris make their way into a photocopier and accumulate over time. Without cleaning and other maintenance protocols, this build up will lead to clogging and consequently, overheating and the need for professional Canon photocopier repairs. There is no way to keep dust from getting into the machine. However, scheduling maintenance will ensure that experts get rid of it before it becomes a problem. Read more at Printer repairs


Making a copier work too hard is another reason it may overheat. Just because a worker needs 600 copies of a memo does not mean all of the copying has to be in one batch. Overworking a machine will cause parts such as the drawers, fans, bulbs and gears to go into overdrive. Constant overuse of a copier will put wear and tear in some of these mechanisms causing inefficiencies. Experts in Canon copier repairs can fix damages in overused components or provide replacements.

Handling a copier with an overheating problem is not advisable. It can cause scalding, particularly if you don’t know how the mechanisms operate. Offices have to meet certain safety standards when installing equipment such as copiers. It is necessary to guarantee that the cooling system in a photocopier is not clogged or blocked, and that is why the positioning should be a distance from the wall. It should also be away from heating equipment. With Canon copier repairs, it is possible to minimise downtime and get back to normal operations.